Sprout Ware Stacking Cups made from Plants


Stack, nest, and fill to encourage whole learning — Stacking cups for babies and toddlers are made from non-toxic 100% plant-plastic for a safe and healthy choice to help stimulate baby’s sensory, movement, interactive, cognitive, creative, and naturalist learning pathways for the whole development.

Made from innovative Sprout Ware® plant-plastic — Sprout Ware® plant-plastic is a non-toxic, 100% plant-based plastic tested to the highest global standards and made without PVC and hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE, or BADGE additives for baby’s health and safety.

Sprout Ware® plant plastic offers a natural alternative to petro-plastics — Sprout Ware® looks, feels, and functions like traditional plastic but without the drain on our bodies and earth.

Fun for bath, pool, water, and sand play — Perfect as a baby bath toy or at the pool and beach.

Holes for sifting and sprinkling — Patterned holes at the bottom of each cup let baby explore by scooping, sifting, and sprinkling water or sand.

Stacking and counting to develop concentration and thinking skills — Six numbered cups in different sizes help the baby learn to stack smaller cups inside larger ones, or stack on top of each other to develop concentration and thinking skills.

Sustainable and recyclable to reduce waste — Our stacking cups are designed for life to encourage long-term use and are recyclable for a cleaner environment.

Perfectly sized for babies and toddlers — Designed with love for babies 6 months and older.