Sprout Ware Floating Boats made from Plants


Float, scoop, and pour to encourage whole learning — Floating boats for babies and toddlers are made from non-toxic 100% plant-plastic for a safe and healthy choice to help stimulate baby’s sensory, movement, interactive, cognitive, creative, and naturalist learning pathways for the whole development.

Made from innovative Sprout Ware® plant-plastic — Sprout Ware ® plant-plastic is a non-toxic, 100% plant-based plastic tested to the highest global standards and made without PVC and hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE, or BADGE additives for baby’s health and safety.

Sprout Ware® plant plastic offers a natural alternative to petro-plastics — Sprout Ware® looks, feels, and functions like traditional plastic but without the drain on our bodies and earth.

Fun for bath, pool, water, and sand play— Perfect as a baby bath toy or at the pool and beach to encourage water play and swimming.

Holes for sifting and sprinkling — Holes at the tops of each boat let baby explore by scooping, sifting, and sprinkling water or sand.

Stacking develops concentration and thinking skills — Four stacking boats in different sizes and colors help the baby develop concentration and thinking skills.

Sustainable and recyclable to reduce waste — Our floating boats are designed for life to encourage long-term use and are recyclable for a cleaner environment.

Perfectly sized for babies and toddlers — Designed with love for babies 6 months and older.