The Potty Poncho


The Potty Poncho is a robe-like accessory designed with educational and entertaining patterns for children that can be used to provide learning activities while helping with toilet training, pool or bath time, and more. The Potty Poncho helps parents facilitate learning and provide a warm and comfortable way to make the potty process less scary and embarrassing, and a little more functional and fun!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3!


Diaper off and put underwear on OR skip the underwear altogether.  Doctors, books, magazines, blogs etc. will all tell you either way works, just get them naked!  The Potty Poncho will keep your child comfortable and warm on these training days. Set aside a few days or even a week, where you and your child can stay home, throw on the poncho and run free.  In order for a toddler to learn the connection in the brain when they get the sensation of going to go the bathroom that makes them know when to run to the toilet, they need to be naked and diaper-less.  It usually doesn't happen the first time.  Be patient and 


Secondly yes, your days might go smooth or they might be filled with accidents, lots of bribing, crying, naked meal times, resistance, meltdowns (by both child and parent) and sometimes just plain confusion. The Potty Poncho was designed to make the process less scary and more fun.  It's all normal and natural, take deep breathes and keep going!   


It finally happens!  "I PEED ON THE POTTY"  or "THE POOP IS IN TOILET" or........ crickets.  If it doesn't happen it's OK!   We put too much pressure on ourselves that children have to be toilet trained by a certain age.  Newsflash for all parents and caretakers, it's not up to us, it's entirely up to your toddler and when they feel ready.  Although it gets old hearing it all the time, It's true when they say that they all transition at their own pace. 

Bonus Pro Tip:

Keep the Potty Poncho visible so it's still in your childs sight daily.  Take a break from the "lets use the potty" conversations and just follow your childs lead.  It can be a long process, just try not to add more stress to it.  Hang in there!!