Konges Sløjd Neoprene Float Vest


A float vest is the perfect swim accessory when your little ones are just beginning to splash around. It adds natural buoyancy and helps them get comfortable in the water while learning to swim on their own.


Our float vests are designed with inside foam sticks that can be adjusted according to the child’s skills and needs. The float sticks can easily be removed one by one as your child develops their swimming skills. Always remove the sticks in pairs starting with 1 & 1, then 2 & 2 and so on until your child is completely adapted to swimming by themselves.


Once the child is secure and comfortable in the water, the buoyancy sticks can be removed all together.


Float vest made in 80% neoprene and 20% polyester lining. Designed with both zipper and velcro closure. Features a buckled safety crotch strap so that your child can never slip out of the vest.


1-2Y:H:32 cm x W:27.5 cm x L: 3,4 cm

2-3Y:H:36 cm x W:29 cm x L: 3,4 cm

3-6Y:H:39 cm x W:31cm x L: 3,4 cm