BigStuffed Animal the Octopus Small Pop


With its big soft eyes, long fluffy tentacles, and pastel shades, our famous octopus soft toy will open the door to an underwater world universe full of poetry and mystery for young and old alike. Our seamstresses have put their hearts into making this octopus soft toy straight from the seabed, using needles, fabric, and a little magic! This toy will gracefully guide your little one through the depths of a silent, strangely reassuring universe. Your child can take this new friend, with his protective, benevolent eye and long, soft arms on all their craziest adventures.

An octopus and a world of softness.

The big stuffed octopus will move through your child's stories, in its large format version which will be at home in the bedroom or in the playroom.

• Made in Lithuania

• Weight: 1.98 lb (0.9 kg)

• Dimensions: 22 x 9.8 x 9.8 in (56 x 25 x 25 cm)